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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 19, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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t -- high at reagan national airport was 96 degrees. by the end of the week, it will get even worse. >> doug hill is in the weather center. >> i see some clouds and right brain at the moment -- light rain at the moment. look at a local area just outside the beltway a heavy downpour. another one is coming through arlington right now. that is the local information. the heat advisory, excessive heat watch is in effect for thursday. we're looking forward for the next few days. seasonally hot temperatures with unseasonably humid conditions are giving us this. what you see out west is heading
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our way for thursday, friday and saturday. we will have a lot more for you coming up in just a couple minutes. >> thank you. the heat sliding east continues to keep the midwest under dangerous temperatures. utilities are asking people to conserve energy as best they can. no blackouts or brownouts are expected the utilities are taking no chances. at least 13 people across the country are confirmed dead because of the heat. >> a couple of reminders for you you can always check the latest temperatures online. just go to and click on the weather tab. if you take any pictures, send them our way. we will post your pictures online. >> also tonight newscorp's top man takes center stage in the u.k. hacking scandal. the man is rupert murdoch. he appeared before british
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lawmakers this morning and admitted he lost sight of his tabloid, adding that the grilling humbled him. we have more, including a bit of chaos during the hearing. >> father and son billionaires' sat next to each other in front of the british parliament humbled, but not exactly taking responsibility. both said they were not aware of anything illegal going on inside one of the oldest newspapers in the world. a heckler created even more drama. it was about two hours into the hearing when a man carrying what appeared to be a shaving cream pie accosted rupert murdoch and called him a greedy billionaire. his wife sprang into action, forcing the demonstrator away. police quickly had him in handcuffs. murdoch was shaken but unharmed. it was the point of high drama in a civil exchange. >> this is the most humble day of my life. >> both murdoch and his son apologized for what has grown into a massive scandal that is threatening the company.
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>> these actions do not live up to the standards that our company aspires to everywhere around the world. >> newscorp has been reeling for two weeks since murdoch shutdown their 168 year-old british tabloid. that was after allegations that employees illegally hiked into the voice mail of celebrities politicians, and a 13-year-old murder victim. gregg's you are responsible for this whole fiasco. -- >> do you feel you are responsible for this whole fiasco? >> no. >> rebekah brooks who ran the newspaper until four days ago also said she was sorry. >> we saw the evidence and acted properly and quickly. >> during the hearing the elder murdoch said he had no evidence that allegations that 9/11 victims in the u.s. had their
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voice mail sack. in the meantime, we have learned that the u.s. is investigating whether americans were involved in the bribery conspiracy. >> now for the latest on the debt showdown saw the. there has been some progress in the tense negotiations on the hill. a bipartisan group of congressional leaders called the gang of six have a plan to reduce the deficit. we're live with lee details this evening. >> -- late details this evening. >> some in the house are going in different direction. >> the problem we have now is that we are in the 11th hour. >> the president announced a potential breakthrough that he supports. senators from both parties the gang of six have cobbled together a proposal to cut spending, modified entitlement programs, and close tax
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loopholes. >> i will be urging speaker john boehner, nancy pelosi, as well as harry reid and mitch mcconnell that day tomorrow, are prepared to start talking turkey. >> the goal is to have an agreement in place before the government runs out of money on august 2nd, which could lead to all manner of economic problems. house members are pushing their own plan which raises the debt ceiling, caps spending and calls for a balanced budget amendment. >> you got this increase in the debt limit. what we get our real cuts in spending and real reforms in place that will make sure this problem never happens again. >> the problem is that that option has no support in the senate and white house. today a number of first and conservatives rallied outside the president's home to criticize his leadership.
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>> the president says he has a plan. forgive our skepticism. show us your plan. right now, it looks like punt, pass and kick. >> despite the doom and gloom, shocks rebounded sharply today the biggest one day increase this year. >> thank you. the reward is being offered for any informations on the vandalism of two local middle schools. police say ethnically offensive language and sexual images was painted on the school on saturday. last week, similar graffiti was found on another school in the potomac. police believe the two incidents are related. any tips leading to an arrest will receive $1,000. >> the d.c. mayor ms. defending controversial allegations. -- is defending controversial allegations that he expected cash donations above the legal limit. he raised almost $3 million in
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his campaign. in a statement today, he said that the story raises serious questions about his mayoral campaign. he regrets that they continue to surface. >> still to come one councilman's pitch to stop online gambling before it begins. >> plus, bigger might not always be better. why experts say you could be over-shopping. >> of fairfax resident is arrested for taking money from pakistan
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> we continue with the rest of the pakastani man on charges of receiving money from that country's spy agency. >> he was living right here in our area, fairfax to be specific. we're live in alexandria with more on this arrest. >> syed ghulam nabi fai made his first appearance in federal court this afternoon. the u.s. claims that he took millions of dollars from pakistan to influence american lawmakers. >> this is 62-year-old syed ghulam nabi fai in a video
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posted on his web page, speaking out about the political situation in kashmir. he is the head of a nonprofit organization headquartered in downtown d.c. called the kashmir center. in court documents released today, the u.s. government alleges the kashmir center was a front for the pakastani government to buy influence among american lawmakers. fai and co-defendant zaheer ahmad received payments to lobby, cris -- to lobby congress. fbi agents spent the day in his home searching for more evidence. neighbors were shocked to hear the quiet man who lived in this house is at the center of an international influence-peddling case. this woman asked that we not show her face. >> old people, young people coming in and out? >> yes, many cars. >> meanwhile, he made his first
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appearance in court this afternoon. the already deteriorating relationship between the united states and pakistan became even more tense. the pakistan agency released a statement saying he is not a pakastani citizen and they have no knowledge of the case involving him. he is an american, but his codefendant is a pakastani and is said to have fled there. in the meantime, fai remains in jail until his next court appearance on thursday afternoon. >> thank you. coming at next -- up next a burst of paradise in the sunshine state. >> and we are watching for storms of our own. full forecast after the break. >> the nationals are in houston again trying to climb above 500 again. this does not feel like football season but the redskins players are still working out. with their -- with
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>> online gambling has kicked off a big debate in this area, but it might not start on schedule. >> one councilman told us he hopes to stop the gambling law before it kicks in. the district is scheduled to become the first in the nation to offer online poker and slot machines. he argues it would dip into the budget bill and did not go through a public process. >> chances are that stores offering better deals are really just trying to get you to spend more. many say that groceries' offering 10 items for $10 trick shoppers into buying several options. they call it the power of suggestion. if consumers read the fine print, they can usually get just one item at a reduced price. >> the space shuttle atlantis has returned to earth, closing a chapter of space history. in a final salute, the crew took
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never before seen photos of outer space. they're scheduled to land at the kennedy space center on thursday. it will mark the end of a 30- year space shuttle program. >> a tropical storm is kicking up a stir along the florida coast. life guards are warning beachgoers that the waves are a concern. that looks like a lot of fun. >> it does come a very cooling too. -- it does, and very clean to. >> if wehear is what we have outside. this is a minor part of the system that is continuing to build over the next couple of days through thursday, friday and saturday. we have a severe thunderstorm warning posted for portions of
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frederick county, jefferson county. you can see the cluster with lightning, rain and some wind gusts of 40 miles per hour. that is going to be the story here for the next 20-30 minutes. meanwhile, in southeast washington we have storms moving across the bay from alexandria to the district and back to fairfax county. later tonight things will settle down and it will just be humid. there is no rain right now. it is 94, but feels like 102. let's take you to minnesota. it is only two degrees warmer 96, but the measure of moisture is a lot higher, and that means it feels like it is 129. that is not made up. that is the kind of heat they are dealing with, especially across minnesota.
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97 and 79 are our actual high and low. this excessive heat watch goes into effect thursday afternoon thru thursday evening. our local 6:00 temperatures, 90's where it has not rained 80's where it has but everybody shares the high humidity, yielding heat index values of 100 or higher in many places. this air mass will arrive thursday friday saturday. 100 in kansas city, 96 in minneapolis, but the real conversion makes it feel like 115 in minneapolis. the day news is, it will only be around for a few days. hot and humid tamara with thunderstorms possible, 92-96. 100 on thursday, won a two on friday -- 102 on friday. a little bit better sunday and
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monday of next week. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> will the nfl come together with a deal? >> after watching that, it is hard to talk football. it is not football season. representatives from all 32 teams are gathering in washington to vote on an agreement in principle. the owners are set to hold a special meeting in atlanta on thursday. sources close to the negotiations say they could be back to business within the next four-five days. meanwhile, the redskins players continued to work out on their own. they are 8 inches to get pending free agency behind them -- anxious to get pending free agency behind them. >> he has to make a decision pretty quickly. you have to think about your
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family. do i want to relocate? it is going to be a lot of trauma, but i at -- drama, but i'm sure the teams have been doing their due diligence. >> meanwhile, michael vick was on capitol hill today urging congress to pass the animal spectator fighting prohibition act. who better to tell congress that too many kids are into dogfighting. it is time to break the cycle he said. he has been speaking to schools and churches all over the country. >> i think it is up to parents to take responsibility in making sure this does not happen. if it does, they should be held responsible. that is why the laws are changing. i think it will be beneficial across the world. i think it is time to make that change. >> it is hard to talk hockey on a hot day in july, but the 37- year-old czechoslovakian all- star will be as to give this
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team some leadership before they run out of chances. >> i played good hockey and this is a good opportunity to play for a good team and hopefully make some damage in the playoffs. quicks the nationals are in houston again. -- >> the national's are in houston again. 368 feet in 3.9 seconds. this game was tied. he is on second. he comes home. the national speed the astros. the final there was 5-2. -- beat the astros. the final there was 5-2. >> i know he will be around 300 when the season ends. two hits tonight was outstanding. >> for college football fans,
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lsu will play on probation for recruiting violations. if the nfl and the lockout -- if the nba and the lockout the wizards will open against the nets.
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